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2018 tour dates

Barber of Seville tour dates now up!

Barber of Seville tour dates now up!

  1. Els Ooms says:


    What are the tour dates and places of opera Lakmé for 2018?

    Where can I buy tickets.

    Kind regards

    Els Ooms

  2. Dear Els
    Thank you for getting in touch. We are touring Barber of Seville in 2018, I’m afraid we have already completed our tour of Lakme earlier this year.
    All best
    Bridgett Gill

  3. Kristina Hayes says:

    do you have dates and theatres for Barber of seville, we usually try to do to pwllheli

  4. Stephen Cotsen says:

    Can you please let me know what language Barber will be sung in?

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