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La Boheme is now touring throughout the UK, we would love to hear from you….

  1. Lynn Nelson says:

    Tremendous performance tonight in Middlesbrough. Wonderful principal singers and great support from our local G&S society.
    We thoroughly enjoyed our evening, just a pity the theatre wasn’t full.

  2. Thank you for writing Lynn, great to hear that you enjoyed the show, the G&S society were really good weren’t they! As you say it’s a shame that the theatre wasn’t full, but I think the manager of the theatre was actually quite pleased with the number of tickets sold as this was our first visit.
    All best

  3. Celia says:

    What a treat to have such a high standard of opera come to Bury St Edmunds. We’d never heard of Swansea City Opera, so had no idea what to expect, but the performances were excellent. Hearing the score played on a slimmed down orchestra was interesting – it’s so good to be reminded that opera can be just as powerful and immediate with a tiny budget, stage, orchestra and chorus, as in the biggest, plushest opera houses.
    The theatre was sold out and I’m not surprised – we will definitely come back for your next visit.

  4. Thank you very much for writing, so pleased you enjoyed it and thank you for taking a chance on us! I’ll pass your comments onto the cast.
    Kind regards

  5. Angela Clough says:

    Wonderful evening last night in Harrogate – beautiful production and music, excellent singers. A really heart-rending performance of La Boheme; many congratulations to all involved. Why did the local schools not send groups? – they really should!

  6. megan linda hartley says:

    It is so long since we went to the Opera. This production has really revived our enthusiasm for it. We were enthralled from the first minute. The singing and acting, the orchestra and scenery were all top class. We drove home to Ilkley talking about it all the way. Do come to Harrogate again next year

  7. What a lovely comment to receive! Thank you Megan it makes all the difficulties of running an touring opera company worthwhile! Hope to see you next year.

  8. Thank you so much Angela, I agree it would be wonderful to have local schools there, I will talk to the theatre about it for next year.

  9. Paul Simpson says:

    Really interesting the production was set near the end of World War 2, as opposed to the 19th century. I enjoyed that aspect. Strong performances by all concerned on stage (at Harrogate Theatre). Excellent orchestra too. Bought the program, found it very informative and good value at three quid. Really liked the artwork on the front cover. I would definitely consider coming to see another production by Swansea City Opera.

  10. Thank you very much for writing and we’re very pleased you enjoyed the ‘updating’ and the artwork, I will let you designer know! There are some operas that work extremely well in other eras and we think Boheme is one, others are more time specific and next year for Lakme we will be setting it in the period in which it was writtten – the British Raj in India, it’s hard to make sense of the plot otherwise. Thank you again and we hope to see you next year!

  11. Julie Boalch says:

    Thanks to Swansea City Opera for their absolutely brilliant production of La Boheme, which we saw in Newport last night. We loved the fact that it was set just after World War 2; the costumes and scenery were just perfect and it’s difficult to put into words just how fabulous the whole thing was.

    This morning, I can still hear the powerful, heart rendering performances of the excellent singers and orchestra. Just beautiful.

    Brendan – my husband Phil is definitely keen to see another Opera so thank you for bringing such a beautiful story alive for him. I’m sorry we didn’t stop to properly chat last night – we don’t like to intrude too much!
    Best wishes

  12. Great news that your husband would like to see another opera, it make all our efforts worth while ! So pleased you enjoyed the performance and thank you for writing it means a lot to the whole company.

  13. Jill Grosvenor says:

    Well done Swansea City Opera. I have been attending your touring performances since Opera Box days. We saw La Boheme at The New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich last night and it was wonderful. Superb singing voices as well as great acting. I’ve never heard this sung in English before! Once I got used to it, I found it added detail to this well known story.

  14. Thanks for writing Jill, it means a lot and lovely to hear you have been supporting us for so long, thank you!

  15. Andrew & Susan Kennedy says:

    Saw La Boheme at Theatre Royal Winchester last night. Not the first time we’ve seen it, and with such a popular opera there’s always a ‘not another Boheme..’ concern; but this performance was up there amongst the best, with excellent singing and some potent acting. The audience loved it – much appreciative chatter afterwards! We really appreciate the scaled-down performances of SCO as being suitable for the smaller, but closer to home, venues like the Theatre Royal and we hope very much you’ll be bringing Lakme to Winchester next year

  16. What a lovely letter to receive! Thank you for writing and I will make sure the whole cast sees it, also the manager of the theatre. We’re pencilled in on 15th March 2017 for Lakme, so hopefully see you then !

  17. Mrs. Pamela Benstead says:

    Saw La Boheme last evening at The Spar, Bridlington. What a very beautiful show and the singing made me tingle. It made it so more enjoyable to listen to it in English, so that one could really enjoy the story. Please thank all the main singers for me. Would you be able to contact me with any further performances at Bridlington? Thank you so much.

  18. Jane Slater says:

    La Boheme at Bridlington Spa last Saturday was wonderful. Every year we look forward to seeing Swansea City Opera, and we have never been disappointed; the musicians and singers are always top class. Even though we have seen this opera many times, we found the final scene especially moving. Many thanks to all concerned, and please come back in 2017.

  19. Phil Chaloner says:

    I too saw La Boheme at Bridlington, whilst on holiday there. The pre-show talk was very interesting and entertaining. I have seen opera on TV so this was my first experience watching a live performance. I enjoyed it very much. On the odd occasion where I purposely looked away from stage, I’d have thought that I was listening to a well-edited audio disc. The voices and performances were wonderful. Long may you tour. I’ll be looking out for you.

  20. Mrs Hayes says:

    Saw this company for the first time in Pwllheli last night. Being opera lovers, who travel Europe to see different different companies we found this performance truly outstanding and on a par with the best. From the beautiful voices of ALL the principle singers, to the intimate stage set and the comedy elements, there was nothing to fault. Please keep returning to small towns.

  21. Thank you for writing and for the lovely comments. It’s wonderful to hear!

  22. Thank you for writing and I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoyed the live version as much as on the TV! Please do keep trying other performances it’s so important to keep live theatre going, especially in the smaller towns.

  23. Michael Bochmann says:

    Great performance of La Boheme last night at Roses Theatre Tewkesbury. Enjoyed the fact that the orchestra was visible and a good balance between orchestra and singers. Refreshing that the conductor appeared to be a coordinator enabling the performers to make music without too much ego! Not having an orchestral pit made the whole performance more friendly and accessible. I enjoyed it much more than most grand opera performances. Terrific!

  24. Barbara Lowther says:

    Enjoyed La Boheme at the Wilde Theatre 29th May. Very talented cast. The setting in 1944 Paris worked well. Storyline and characters readily accessible as ‘real’ people and circumstances, with humour and pathos.
    Attended as daughter was performing in chorus (Yateley Choral Society). I think involving local choirs/choral societies in this way is terrific.

  25. Mike Morley says:

    Great performance last night, (29/05/16), the last of the tour, in the Wilde theatre at South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell. Truly affecting last act, heightened by the contrasting up-tick in the ‘buffoonery’ of the previous acts, very still, very emotional and beautifully sung. Please come again, soon.

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