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Lakme tour….

Lakme is now touring throughout the UK, we would love to hear from you….

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  1. Veronica Hall says:

    i was fortunate enough through my local choir to be part of the Lakme chorus in it’s production at the Theatre Royal Bury st Edmunds. I have never been on stage in a theatre so had a few nerves but everyone of the company team that we met were welcoming, encouraging & kind and made the whole experience fun. We had a fantastic time & it was an amazing opportunity to sing with these wonderful professional singers. Thank you for bringing this to West Suffolk..

  2. We were thrilled to work with you all and thank you so much for all your hard work! The market scene looked like a real market!

  3. I was privileged to be in the audience when Swansea City Opera performed Lakmé at Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds last Saturday. I had never expected to see a full performance of this rarely done opera, and I was not disappointed. It was a triumph and a delight.

    It would be invidious to single out any individuals but I’m going to do it anyway. Håkan Vramsmo thrilled as the Brahmin priest, Lakmé’s father, just as he did as Marcello last year. Bring him to thrill us again and again.

    But it was Hannah Sawle as Lakmé who rightly stole the show. Sixty years ago Mady Mesplé made the role of Lakmé her own, establishing her interpretation as the standard against which all others would be measured. If I closed my eyes last Saturday, I could have believed it was Mady Mesplé herself singing. Hannah has the same light tone, the same coloratura brilliance and control. Yes, the Flower Duet (special mention for Katarzyna Balejko’s fabulous singing) and the Bell Song were out of this world, but Hannah sustained a wonderful performance throughout the entire opera, and she has made it her own too. Mady Mesplé has a worthy successor.

    Thank you to the entire performing and production team for bringing it to our theatre.

  4. David Williams says:

    All of the cast performing Lakme at Abergavenny proved beyond doubt that this opera deserves many more performances. We were all able to appreciate all aspects of the story, from humor, historical and social comment and not forgetting the tragic and romantic aspects. Hakan Vramsmo as the priest, scary and a fantastic voice. We all fell in love with the voice of Lakme, beauty and complete clarity. The acting by Miss Benson, brilliant, as was the acting of all the characters.The orchestra may have been small but made up for this in quality, a pleasure to watch the conductor at work. A most enjoyable and thought provoking night had by all no doubt, looking forward to your next show.

  5. David Ryan says:

    Your production of Lakmé on 03Mar2017 at TheatreSevern Shrewsbury, held me entranced from the very start. A delightful performance perfectly fitted to the location with minimal yet effective sets. This work has so much more to it than the well known evocative “Flower Song” and the outstanding singing, music and acting brought it to life.
    Swansea City Opera deserve the highest acclaim for presenting such an accomplished performance.

  6. Thank you to everyone who has written in with your comments, not only is it very pleasing for the company to see that you enjoyed the performance, but it also provides valuable feedback for our applications to Arts Council Wales and the English Arts Council. With luck we will live to fight another year and bring opera to places that are outside the circuit of the larger companies. Thank you all so much.

  7. Oscar Davis says:

    Most beautiful and moving performance which I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday evening at the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil. The cast were magnificent as was the direction of the performance. Proud of the Swansea City Opera.

  8. Denis j baker says:

    We saw Lakme last night and were rightly impressed by the singing with particular mention of Hannah Swale. Outstanding performance. The staging and overall performance was brilliant we have rarely enjoyed an opera more. The performance deserved a better audience. Well done to Swansea City Opera. Shame on you Swansea Council for your short sighted withdrawal of funding.

  9. It’s very kind of you to write Denis and to come and support us. We’re very pleased you enjoyed the performance, Hannah has certainly made the part her own. Let’s hope Swansea Council read your comment!

  10. Sue says:

    I was introduced to Opera through Faust two years ago. That was such a stunning spectacle and a tingling spine experience that I have tried and enjoyed others since. The director’s talk is the key to the enjoyment with setting, the parameters (eg how much can be fitted into a 3.5 ton truck), how it is translated and played by a smaller travelling orchestra all adding to the evening’s experience. For me, the Bell song within the market scene was the highlight moment. Thank you for all your hard work in touring this production of Lakme. (Harrogate 5/5/17)

  11. Jill Ray says:

    Brilliant night. Fantastic performance of Lakeme at the Torch Theatre, Milford Haven. An absolute pleasure. My husband is a musician of 50years standing who after suffering brain injury lost his ability to play. It is evenings such as this giving him the will to carry on relearning his skills. The Arts are so important to peoples well being. Thank you so much. xx

  12. It’s really wonderful to hear this! Thank you for writing.

  13. I’ve been out of the country – just went to check the tour dates and it looks like I missed it all! Any news/details for your next production?

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